Monday, January 18, 2010

Sleepin' in the Big Easy: French Quarter

Zzzzzzzzzz. . . .

Depending on your priorities and your ability to drink yourself into a stupor so you pass out and sleep through anything and everything, you may need to pick your hotel carefully. Anything on Bourbon Street is going to be raucous all night, without end. Also expect to enjoy the pleasant aroma of barf and piss through your windows or outside your door.

If you get a few streets away from Bourbon, you may have better luck. We stayed at the W French Quarter and had to change out of our room on the third floor. It overlooked Conti street and it sounded like the drunks in the alley were partying in our room.

Best advice if you like sleep: if you have points or a reward program with a hotel in the Central Business District, try that. If not, go with a higher-end hotel in the French Quarter and request and upper-floor room that does not overlook the street.

If you are the ultimate party animal and can sleep through anything, go for the cheap(er) places on Bourbon and enjoy the show!

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