Monday, January 18, 2010

NOLA: Must see places in New Orleans

I had one "must-do" place to visit on my NOLA list: the above-ground cemeteries. This is not because I am a huge Anne Rice fan or because I have relatives there - but rather because I find them beautiful and relaxing and these cemeteries are so famous that it seems like a loss to not visit them while they are still there.

We took the St. Charles Streetcar (totally easy to use, btw) out to the Garden District and visited Lafayette Cemetery No. 1. Note to self: closed on Sundays. I think they had some other weird hours, so be sure to check. Very beautiful place and the antiquity of some of the graves was impressive. Word has it that the older cemeteries right by the French Quarter are very dangerous - full of pickpockets and muggers - which is really just a shame. Lafayette was clear of this kind of trouble and really just amazing.

While you are in this area, be sure to walk along Prytania Street and ogle the stunning houses.

The second place we stumbled across as we walked up the street from our hotel. The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum was totally geeky and cool. Be sure to take your time, read the self-guide manual and pay attention to the postings around and read them! I particularly enjoyed the history of alcohol (as in booze, not rubbing) in medicine.

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