Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Random Rant: Outlets in Hotels

Hanging out in the JW Marriott in Beijing - lovely hotel and more on the details in another post. But this morning I needed coffee in order to even begin to function enough to go downstairs for breakfast. I found this cutie in the mini-bar area:

Minor detail: that is the full length of the cord. And the hotel room has three plugs I can find:
  1. By the bed where the alarm clock is plugged. I had already swiped that plug for my cell phone to charge. 
  2. At the desk. Uh, charging my laptop there. And the little short cord wouldn't reach it even if I wanted to plug it there. 
  3. In the entryway, on the wall, about a foot up from the floor. Again - not gonna reach. 
Finally I unplugged my phone and plugged in the teakettle there. Barely - the cord JUST reached the outlet. I had to move the lamp to make it happen.

Now - this is a very specific example but I am consistently surprised by how even newly remodeled hotels forget to add outlets. I use my cell phone as an alarm clock and have it by my bed and rarely can find an outlet near the bed. The desk / workspace areas often don't even have an outlet!


-- Happy Non-Electronic Device-Using Travels!


  1. I'm planning to travel to London for a business meeting and I'm trying to decide where to stay. I got cheap tickets, but the hotel fees are so expensive!

  2. @Nick - yes, London hotels are outrageous especially if you are coming from the US w/ the currency rates. The Radisson's I've stayed there have been decent, and I hear MyHotel is "hip" now. Still, a cheap rate is 160 GBP. Let me know if you find something good!